Metal Free Crowns

The indication for a crown is when a tooth is damaged extensively and reconstruction with a filling, an inlay, or a veneer is no longer possible. This is the case when:

  • A defect is below the gums
  • The tooth has been root-canal-treated
  • The tooth is broken off
  • Tooth is unstable because of an old filling or cavity

All-porcelain (ceramic) crowns without metal core are distinguished by their excellent aesthetics. Light is not only reflected, there is also real translucency as seen in natural teeth. This effect makes the all-porcelain crown perfect for use on front teeth, whereby minor form and alignment corrections are also possible.

A further advantage of the metal-free ceramic crown is the tooth-shaded margin, which need not be placed under the gum line. Thus, the crown margin does not irritate the gingival tissue and prevents gum recession.

Porcelain (ceramic) is an extremely biocompatible material with no allergenic potential. This can be a real advantage to predisposed (allergic) patients.